Couple of weeks ago I was commissioned by Conlibrio (the company for which I do all the work in the back ground, admin, maintain website and such) to make 6 story bowls.

Today they have an event for their clients and the theme is story telling. they send the invitations on 6 special days each with a story. I created a bowl to go with each of these days. Conlibrio holds this event every year on the 1st of March as it is special day too. It used to be new years day, once our calender had only 10 months. December means 10th month in Latin. With the Gregorian calender July, named after Julius Ceaser and August, named after emperor Augustus were added.

For one relates to Sinterklaas on which day gifts are gving and songs are sung. 
One particular song starts with “See the moon shines through the trees…;”

The second relates to midwinter, or the winter solstice, so I created a miniature Stonehenge. 
You can shine a light through a hole on the side of the dish to mimic the solstice.

Next one relates to ” Verloren Maandag” lost Monday, the first Monday of the new year when people still have to get back into action and spend more time wishing their colleagues a good new year than that they work. In Antwerp you can get sausage rolls in every pub to celebrate this day.
Fourth bowl relates to Chinese New Year, the new year being the year of the dragon.

Of course Valentine had to be in their too :)
And last but not least, leap day. 
This bowl has an old interior of a watch woven into it, to keep the bowl together, 
as leap day keeps time together.