Such a rainy day here, perfect for pottering about the house. I’ve done some work in my workshop until I ran out of black clay than did some fiddling around with the lay-out of this blog as you can see. Finally I made a cake, so we have something nice for dessert this evening. It is a variation on a recipe which I got from a friend, she adds carrots and gingerbread-biscuits. I had some crunchy biscuits which were not longer so crunchy, lots of eggs and a few apples to get rid off, so I made this variation. It worked out fine and is rather edible else I wouldn’t share this with you :-)

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 250gr soft butter, 250gr flour, 250gr sugar, (so far the traditional “quarte-quarts”- 4 quarters, easy to remember recipe ;-) vanilla sugar, 2-3 apples and left over biscuits.
(or as original: add 250gr grated carrots and 250gr broken ginger biscuits)
Since I had only 150gr of butter in the house I adjusted it to suit.

Start with buttering and than coating your tin with flour and put it in the fridge, this helps to get it out easier after baking. Mix the sugar and the butter till creamy.

Add in egg by egg.

Followed by flour.

Peel and grate the apples.

Mix the apples and the crunched biscuits in.

Ready to go into the preheated oven (165°C for 60-80min) or whichever time/temp you are used to for baking cakes.

Take from the oven and leave to cool.
Eet smakleijk!
Bon apetit!