Yesterday evening I went to a reading by Jeanne Opgenhaffen. She does not give much readings anymore, but Katja from Atelier K! had convinced her otherwise. Jeanne works mainly with porcelain and showed lots of pictures of her work, explaining what they presented and what had influenced her: large landscapes.

The wall hangings you see here are in real life 1×1 meter and consist of numberless wafer-tin porcelain tiles. I really like that her work is so pure and natural, that you can feel the wind, the waves and the force of nature.

Less natural, but just as impressive are the wall hangings and objects she makes using transfers. She makes her own transfers using a silk-screen print technique to add a picture or text to each tile of a wall hanging. Here is one she made for a Belgium newspaper:

 These works could take a year to make, to see some result sooner she’s at the moment working on a series of little boxes which have all a different image on it, again using the transfer technique. She starts with an image she draws or paints herself on paper or on the computer. 

I liked her a down to earth attitude and she presents it as if it is all very simple and easy what she does. I guess it is once you have mastered all the skills she has. And fair enough that she did not give away all her trade secrets, but enough hints to know where to start.