We had set our alarm at 2 and 4 in the night to see if the skies had cleared, but no such luck, snow kept falling through the night. We had to say goodbye to Lapland without really seeing the Northern lights.
After breakfast, it was time to say good bye to the new friends we made during these few days, 
wishing them luck to see the aurora as some where staying longer. 
Time to say goodbye to the sweet huskies too, they didn’t mind the snow at all.

Some even preferred lying in the snow to lying in their doghouse.

 A taxi took us back to Ivalo airport over the snow covered roads.

Past the nice wooden houses in the nice red colour.

The airport was just as covered in snow as the country side we’d just driven through. Soon the machines set to work to clear the runway for the arrival of the plane which would take us back to Helsinki.

Without any delays we arrived in Helsinki, were we bought some nice goodies, reindeer sausages, Finnish cheese, some herbal teas, vodka with lingonberry, birch juice and chocolate with liquorice. I always thought the Dutch wee the only ones with a liking for liquorish, but I was clearly wrong.

This is us at Helsinki airport, happy but also bit sad, 
as we had had such a good time and would have loved to stay longer.

Back in Belgium we were welcomed by the setting sun. 
A nice ending to 4 wonderful days.