My very first corporate order.

Recently I became part of a group of  coaches who needed someone to run their virtual back office. As they are all self employed, including me, they don’t have an office-space for Conlibrio; so I work from home, which is great.

For one of their current projects they use the book “Who Moved my Cheese” on dealing with change in your work and life. It’s a great little book, I read it years ago and if you have some change going on in your life, it’s a great read.

Anyway as you can guess from the tittle it involves cheese, and who else would be worried about their cheese being moved than mice. So the characters in the story are mice.When the coaches saw this bowl, which coincidently sold just recently to someone in the USA, they got an idea to give a little something to each participant of these workshops And here they are 26 little mouse each with a piece of cheese:

A local carpenter made the blocks of wood for me, I oiled them with a white oil to give them a nice finish.

Each one is different, I just can’t make the same things twice.

If you want to see more I uploaded all their pictures to my flickr were you can see some of the making of as well. Here the final one for this blog post:

Today the were give to the participants and I just got a call that they were well liked, I’m so happy they all find new loving homes :-)