Two weeks ago my hubby and me flew to Perugia airport in Italy for a short holiday. We “only”  took 730 pictures in 5 days, so I’ll have no problem sharing some with you, not difficult to select some at all……
To make it a bit easier on me I decide I will share some with you each day this week of our adventures 2 weeks ago.

Monday 4th of April
We said goodbye to our cats and let the neighbour know we would be away for the week. Off to the airport, to land in Perugia around 16h.

The cutest little airport with just one tiny conveyor belt for all flights, which were only a few a week.

We picked up our rental car and set out for Spello

Once we arrived we left our luggage in the appartment and set out to discover Spello. 
Spello is a small mediaeval town, with lots of nice streets like this one below.

An arch dating back to Roman times

And St Francis. Only being 10 minutes drive form Assisi, the area was littered with everything St Francis. This statue represents the return of Frances to Assisi, we would see other copies later in the week in other places. St Francis is the one who preached to the birds, which makes him rather cute ;-)

Spello is not very touristy, but their were some nice shops with crafts, linen, olive wood, foods, ceramics and such. Some nice restaurants too.

The cherry tree in “our” garden was blossoming :-)

After a nice meal and lost of wine we slept like roses, ready for a new day.