I was asked to make this custom bowl, because the person couldn’t find a vintage bear on a motorbike, like this S.G. Günthermann 1940’s Bear on red motorbike,  for a reasonable price.

He knew my work and asked me to make a teddy bear on a red bike in my own style to give to his wife instead. So I started to work on it. On Instagram I posted a picture of a bowl with a motorbike I made earlier to say I was going to make another bowl with a bike. This bowl with a couple of just married mice sold via my etsy shop to the USA.

Anyway, she showed the Instagram post with delight to him, not knowing it was for her that this motorbike would be.

I kept my customer up to date with picture of the work in progress:

Decided to give the bear button eyes instead of the pinholes.

Here the result, after firing twice, first a bisque firing, followed by a high firing, in between I applied the glazes: