Custom bowl for a newly wed couple. When I learned who they were I was absolutly honored to be asked to make a story bowl for two such talented persons. It was a bit daunting too, but in a positive way.

They are their opposites in many ways, but also keep each other in balance. That’s all I will say; the couple and the patrons who commisioned this bowl know why there is a hare and an elephant and why all the other elements, the typeface, the accesoiries and the poses are as they are.

Making the seesaw was a challenge as porcelain becomes fluid when fired, so I needed to support the ends and be able to remove these supports after firing. Porcelain shrinks when fired, something to take into account too. I must say I was glad when I had the supports out safe without any damage to the piece.

A tiny red heart in porcelain comes seperate with the bowl. A giftbox to safely store the bowl makes the gift complete.

I did get permission to share the pictures of the bowl with you, so here we go: