Custom story bowl with the tiniest sheep I made so far :)  It lives on the isle of Wight. 
Request was as follows: A bowl for a couple married 50 years, she loves sheep, he loves sailing and they’re going to the isle of Wight, where they went for they honeymoon, to celebrate their 50th anniversary. 
The making off:

Version 1 of the sailing sheep, bit too big compared to the bowl.

Bowl with some blue glass ready to go in the kiln for the glaze firing. 
The 2 boats with the sailing sheep in the back ground.

Smallest boat set in the bowl in between the glass.

The finished bowl:

Packed in and ready to go:

More layers to the scene in the bowl:
He was in the marine and out on sea a lot, hence the lonely sheep. He thought upon receiving the bowl, that the sheep in the boat was a bear, cause his nickname is that of a famous bear. The boat can also be sea as the “huwelijksbootje” literary wedding-boat in Dutch, as in to embark on matrimony. 
I love it when a bowl triggers all sots of stories :)