Last Friday I was fortunate to be able to listen and meet Jane Goodall in real life. She visited the GaiaZoo in Kerkraden, the Netherlands. I had counted on listening, so when I had a change to speek a few words with her I went completely blank and just mumbled some words of appreciation. I had just bought her book Harvest for Hope, about mindful eating, which she signed with the inspiring words: “Together we can change the world.”

She is such an inspiring person, at 78 she travels the world 300 days a year to make the world a better place. Not just for her beloved chimps, but for everyone. She believes we lost our wisdom, our connection with the past, today and future, our connection with the earth and the cosmos, our sense to be part of this completeness which is life. With her both her Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots and Shoots program, she seeks to bring back wisdom. The goal to foster respect and compassion for all living things, to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs and to inspire each individual to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment. There is bound to be a roots and shoots group near you, just check their website.

She spoke for an hour and for the whole hour there was a smile on my face. She is a great storyteller and an oasis of calm, but passionate energy. An evening to remember :)