Long I have been thinking how to name my bowls with a little scene in  it and looking back it was just logical to name them story bowls, so now they have a dedicated section in my shop on Etsy. For a while I had a different name in mind and that blocked me from seeing the right name for them, so hence the delay.

There are stories everywhere; sometimes it’s the clay telling me a story as I start with this in mind, but end up with that. Therefor I very often I let the clay speak to me and start only with a vague idea in mind even as little as just the size of the bowl and the choice between clay and porcelain. Other bowls are inspired by what I see around me, the snow of last winter with all the trails of animals was a great source to name one inspiration.

Sometimes I’m inspired by stories written by my friend Shauna. And sometimes she is inspired by my work to write stories. We could not let this go unnoticed and are working on a collaborative project. More on that in future blogs.

Shauna made me also think on how I create, especially on my cuttlefish castings. She wrote a paper with a colleague writer: “Imagining The Image And Wording The Work” . They discuss the similarities between the different creative processes of jewellery making, painting and writing; I will share more of this with you later, cause it is just really interesting. And so thought others, their reading last Saturday was well received and they are now tailoring it to submit to a journal. Until it is published I cannot share it with you, so hang in there.

If you wan to read a little more on how I create in the meantime, here’s a blog on how I create when I was working on a piece inspired by traditional objects from Zeeland where I was born.