Holiday time :-)

  • weekend in South of Belgium, great food, great B&B 
  • interesting temporary exhibition with work from Andy Warhol and other pop-artists in the abbey of Stavelot.
  • from the ceramics market I’ll always remember this one couple, they came to my stall and watched everything in detail, I had a lot of my story bowls on display. They were whispering to each other, telling each other the stories that they imagined with each bowl. In the end they took the little hippo who found a flower home. She was even petting the little hippo. I know it’s going to a very good home and that just makes me so happy, still brings a smile to my face.
  • a hummingbird hawk-moth in our garden, hubby saw it too and was just as amazed as I was when I saw it first.
  • 4 day trip on the motorbike to Picardy, France
  • market in Bruges, where I got this wonderful necklace from Sandra from Zsazsazu, she was in the stall next to me. I will show it to you later, as I still have to unpack all the boxes from the fair and it’s hidden in there somewhere.
Have a great Sunday everyone!