Set of 3 decorative lights – votive candle holders


Set of 3 moon lights – small decorative votive candle holders in natural white porcelain

  • diameter of each candle holder: ± 3 inches / ± 8 cm
  • votive candle holder
  • use real or LED votive candles
  • candle not included

The candle holder(s) you receive differs from the ones in the pictures, as each is made individually.

Available on backorder


Set of 3 votive candle holders – moonlights – small decorative votive candle holders in natural white porcelain. A round shape full of little craters, making it decorative and interesting whether a candle is lit or not. If you prefer just 1 candle holder, find it here.

Use votive candles with a cup or put some dry rice at the bottom to prevent leaking hot wax through the craters.

The holders you receive differ from the ones in the pictures as each is made individually.

This is a unique one of a kind piece. You will receive the one as shown in the pictures.

{PORCELAIN} Each piece is hand crafted by Annemiek from porcelain clay, known for its exceptional strength and translucency. This strength allows for delicate, thin designs. Porcelain requires a high firing temperatures. I fire my pieces at least twice: one at a low temperature before applying glazes, and a second at high temperature for translucency and glazing. Third firings are for decals/transfers or gold lustre. Natural porcelain is white, but pigments or stains can be added for colour, which permeates the entire piece. Glaze is applied only to the surface.

{CLEANING} Hand washing is always an option. It can also be washed in the dishwasher, be careful when stacking it.

{SHIPPING} All items come gift wrapped. This gift will go in to a box with bubble wrap or other protective material for shipping. These are much recycled boxes, wrap as possible, to save the environment and on shipping costs.