Moonlight reading – Hanging light including wall bracket


Sculptural light, fixed with a bracket to the wall. The lampshade is a delightful scene of reading animals.

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Moonlight reading – a light about reading with books, mice, a bird and a rabbit leaning against the tree on the moon. It is very decorative whether the light is on or off. Hang it low over a side table so you can see the scene of the reading woodland creatures.

The bulb is LED and gives a nice warm light. the LED also helps to keep the porcelain cool when the light is on.

Cord is about 3 meter or 9 feet long and ends in a white designer plug. In some place you might need an adaptor to make it fit your sockets, alternatively you can replace it. The cord is very rope like in appearance which goes well with the natural white porcelain.

The cord runs through a bracket, which you screw to the wall. Bracket is 25/20cm or 8 by 9 3/4 inches.
The diameter of the lightshade is 14cm or 5 1/2 inches

Each piece is handmade by me in porcelain clay. Porcelain clay is different in composition from other clays, because of this it’s stronger. Because it’s stronger one can create much thinner items; and where it’s thin, it’s translucent, also typical for porcelain. It need to be fired at a temperature which is higher than average for other clays as well. It’s fired twice, once at a low temperature, after which I can apply glazes. And the second firing at the high temperature were it goes translucent. Naturel porcelain is white, but one can add pigments or stains to the clay to give it other colors, the color is then throughout. When a glaze is applied, it is only on the surface.

Dust regularly on the outside with a soft brush. If need be, clean with a brush and toothpaste and rinse well. Dry well and make sure the bulb and electrics don’t get wet!

All my items come carefully wrapped. For this I use as much recycled boxes, wrap as possible, to safe the environment and on shipping costs.