Custom made wedding present for a blacksmith and an artist. With a ceramic blade and a leather sheath.

This knife is inspired by the knife (handles) the local farmers used to carve in the winter time. These traditional handles always have 2 horses at the top and underneath it is open with a tiny ball caged in. This makes the blade rattle; and is called the knife’s little soul. On the side they usually carved tools of their trade or signs, like coat of arms, relating to their family(name), birthplace etcetera.

{PORCELAIN} Each piece is handmade by me in porcelain clay. Porcelain clay is different in composition from other clays, because of this it’s stronger. Because it’s stronger one can create much finer pieces; and where it’s thin, it’s translucent, also typical for porcelain. It needs to be fired at a temperature which is higher than average for other clays as well. It’s fired twice, once at a low temperature, after which I can apply glazes. And the second firing at the high temperature were it goes translucent. Natural porcelain is white, but one can add pigments or stains to the clay to give it other colours, the colour is then throughout. When a glaze is applied, it is only on the surface.

{CLEANING} Hand washing is always an option. But it can be washed in the dishwasher, be careful when stacking it.

{SHIPPING} All my items come in a gift wrapped. This gift will go in to a box with bubble wrap or other protective material for shipping. For this I use as much recycled boxes, wrap as possible, to safe the environment. As these this is of a kind piece, it is shipped by registered post.