We’re all in the same boat. But than again each has his/her/their own boat and some boats are in rougher weather than others. Some boats are part of a fleet, some adrift. Some have oars, some don’t. Some have plans, some go with the flow.

The half ball shape is approx 10 cm or 4 inches in diameter.

Each piece is handmade by Annemiek Hamelink in porcelain clay. Porcelain clay is different in composition from other clays, it is relatively strong and translucent when thin enough. It’s fired at least twice, once at a low temperature, than I sand it and apply the glaze. After that it’s fired at the high temperature.

Dust carefully when needed. If you have stains on it; use toothpaste and a soft brush, rinse and dry well.

This item comes in a gift box. This gift box will go in to another box with bubble wrap or other protective material for shipping. For this I use as much recycled boxes and wrap as much as possible, to safe the environment.