Decorative porcelain vase; with a rabbit, some mice and a bird enjoying a teaparty picknick. The tiny vase is loose.

Size: 15-16 cm (6 inches) in diameter. Perfect to display one or a few special flowers, like the last one from a bouquet or one you picked on a walk.

Hand built using a mold in porcelan clay, figures are hand sculpted. It is glazed on the inside.

There appear to be some cracks in the clay, but they are not. They are more like folds or mark a line between 2 pieces of clay as I builded the vase. Sometimes they stand out more where the glaze has collected on the line. But they are the reason why this piece has a sale price.

Comes in a handmade felt lined giftbox, specialy made via fairtrade for Two Trees in Nepal.