2 Piggy cups  for AJ.

Each cup has a little piggy on the rim. These whimsical cups are glazed with a clear lead free glaze on the inside and upper half of the outside.

Each piece is handmade by me in porcelain clay. Porcelain clay is different in composition from other clays, where the clay is thin, it’s translucent. So porcelain looks delicate, but is relatively strong. I fire my work at least twice, once at a low temperature, after which glazes can be applied, followed by a firing at a high temperature. Natural porcelain is white, but one can add pigments or stains to the clay to give it other colours, the colour is then throughout. When a glaze is applied, it is only on the surface.

Hand washing is always an option. If the item is all porcelain it can be washed in the dishwasher, be careful when stacking it.

For this I use as much recycled boxes, wrap as possible, to safe the environment.