You might have wondered why the name ‘Two Trees’? Well, originally this came from the 2 trees that Mark Wilkinson Furniture Ltd (the brand that I/Two Trees used to represent in Antwerp) planted for every project sold. This has changed, the showroom has closed, but the name has stayed and I like trees (the symbol of (creative) life) and so I’m still very happy with the name I choose years ago when I started my company. I also like the idea of giving something back to the world, so I decided to start planting trees myself. Once that decision was made I had to see how, our garden is way too small to plant trees, so that was no option. My brother has an orchard, but these trees don’t last for years and years and that is what I wanted: trees that would last and really add something to the world. 

When I was in the ‘Apenheul’, a Zoo for apes and monkeys in the Netherlands, and they told how few orangutans were left in the world, I felt humbled and ashamed. Than I came across a organisation Orangutans of Sumatra who plant trees to restore the rainforests for the orangutans. Put 2 and 2 together and for me these are the best 2 trees I can plant. 
I plant 2 trees for every tenth project or item sold and I started doing this somewhere in 2009:

2009: Trees sponsored: 6

2010: Trees sponsored: 10  (interim score 5th of May)    

If you are a tenth buyer you will receive a certificate in your name to say that 2 trees have been planted and with it also a small gift from the orangutans of Sumatra.