My blog has a new name: As we plan to move from Belgium, (just no luck so far in finding a house or some land) I thought it weird to have Belgium in the name (was twotreesbelgium).

We’re looking for a place in the area called Zeeuws Vlaanderen (marked with a cross on the map below). Zeeuws means from Zeeland, the county Zeeuws Vlaanderen is part of and where I was born and raised. Vlaanderen is named just like the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, where my hubby is from, Brugge (Bruges) to be exact.

It’s part of the Netherlands but if you look at the map you would think it to be part of Belgium. The perfect middle ground for a Belgian-Dutch couple like my hubby and me.

Even the flag is a perfect combo of the Flemish flag (black lion on yellow) and the Dutch flag (red, white and blue stripes).
All I have to do now is change the header to say just Two Trees too.