Somewhere in June, July we’ll be moving. We found an house from 1928 in the a tiny village in Zeeland in the Netherlands. It has been for sale for 4 years and the price had come down considerable to something we could afford. Which we could not imagine it ever would, but last night we signed the sales agreement.

It does need some renovation, new kitchen, bathroom and lots of insulation. We’ll take our ideas we had for the straw-bale house with us. We will insulate the walls with natural fibre and the stucowork we’ll do with loam instead of plaster.

We will of course keep the original tiles n the hall way

This is the garden and the view over the fields behind with some nice cows :)

The front of the house with top section of the windows with glass in lead panes, real nice.

An indoor green house, can’t wait to grow our own tomatoes, salad, herbs and much more

A library which we’ll change into an office/shipping room/gallery for my work.
There will be a separate atelier to play with silver, porcelain, glass and clay, with a view to the garden.

The current living room with veranda and  2 lovely fireplaces. This will become the heart of the house with a soft seating area with woodburner, dining table and kitchen with AGA (or similar) stove.
The corridor upstairs, I do love the lead in glaze window at the end.

A very late 1970’s bathroom, which we’ll replace in time. Note; it has one of the first hanging toilets. 

The view from the bathroom.

The room that will be our bedroom in time, which has a view over the garden and fields too and a terrace.
The back of the house.
We’ll start middle of June with getting one room ready for us to sleep in. Than we can move and start renovating bit by bit. There’s plenty of room, so any one wants to come give us a hand, you’re more than welcome and you can stay overnight too.