I didn’t write any happy stats for a long time, but I do think they are a good way of looking back, see what you have achieved and give yourself a pat on the shoulder. I guess I sort of have made them in my mind. But writing them down is better as you add the all up and see the total picture.
This week I got some real sad news about a cousin of mine and it only made me realise one should enjoy life every single day of it. It made me realise I’m real happy with the way I’m living my life, working from home, doing various jobs, from admin for a real nice group of coaches, to the odd interior design job and, last but not least, to the creating in porcelain, silver and glass and the selling of my creations. I love to be connected to all these other crafters around the world, thanks to the wonderful internet. So here we go my list of happy stats:

  • all came from the kiln in good shape, including my new Namaste Rabbit
  • enjoying the good weather
  • house hunting and dreaming about what the new house will be
  • creating lots of custom orders
  • my dear yoga teacher who organised a home party for me to sell my creations
  • planning the next Two Trees pop-up-shop at Lombardia in Antwerp
  • seeing the first lambs hop around the fields
  • the frog that came to live in our pond
  • me and hubby going to Italy for a few days soon
  • being very happy with my (way of) life
Have a great week!