Happy New Year to all of you!! 
Wishing you a lovely 2013 full of happiness, love, laughter, specials moments and all that in good health.

This was my year, our year, of me and hubby, buying a house together and renovating it. Before we did that we went on a trip to Finland in search of the Northern Lights. Which we did not see, but all the more reason to return as it was a great trip anyway.

A big, big thanks to all my fans out there. I created a little less and attended less fairs, but online sales are up,  more and more people all over the world enjoy my work. So with a new year and a new atelier and most of all lots of ideas, 2013 is looking bright.

Have a great party tonight! We hope to have a sofa and a tv in our living room after half a year without, that will be our party :)