Yesterday, good Friday  I saw a big bird of prey circling over the field behind our house.  Also saw a small orange spot and figured it was Sien lying low. Robin and me called but she did not come, maybe she was scared of the bird, very wise. So I set out to go and get her.

We let her roam free again and she just came back in the house when dinner was ready.
She stayed in the hall and seemed to play with something. This usually means a mouse. Turned out this time she had her eye on the same as the bird of prey had, a tiny hare. 
I quickly took it from her and put it in a box.
Called around to find a place were they can look after little hares. Found one and drove there. 
The man waiting for me said: “ah your bringing the Easter hare” (in Dutch we say hare not bunny to the easter egg deliverer). We talked a bit, I asked how old it was, about a week and how many littles ones hares get; about 2 or 3. Jokingly said well I might be around again if the bird of prey is not getting them before Sien does. (Thinking back to last spring when she raided a nest of wrens, which we took to a sanctuary too.)
As I arrived home, Robin said she had caught another one! He heard noises outside and went to look. Sien was trying to get at her escaped hare, which had managed to escape and was hiding. Robin locked Sien inside and saw the little hare hop off. A bit bigger than the first one but still to young to survive alone. So we got the flash light out and found it. Called the sanctuary that we were bringing another one.
Took some better pictures of this one before I set off.

The man from the sanctuary told me they had had more in the last few days and they all survived and will be released back into the wild once big enough. So hope these 2 will live long happy lives and see many more Easters too.

Happy Easter!