I’ve got a thing for bumble bees. I think they are cute, with there cosy coat of fur, happily buzzing; like flying teddy bears. I recently made some in porcelain, but I need to work more on that idea before I can show it. But that’s not why I’m writing this blog now.
Today it’s been sun and sudden rain in between and one was surprised I think, just found it paddling in the little pond in our garden. So I rescued it, took it inside and dried it carefully with some toilet paper. The fur is great for keeping you warm being a bumble bee, but not handy when wet, I was surprised by how much it had soaked up.

I left it now to dry further in our bathroom and hopefully I can set it free late and don’t have to add it to my collection of dead bumble bees. Yes, you read it right I collect dead ones, don’t ask me why I just do.
Well the sun just came out again, so I took it outside hope it can recover enough to fly away and hide somewhere in time before the next shower.