With my inlaws I’m rahther famous for my chocolate mousse, so I was asked to make the dessert for Christmas dinner, than I made my regular one. For new years eve, it was just hubby and me and wanted something more, so I made this chocolate mousse with some pimento in it and we really liked it.

40 gr of dark chocolate with pimento
60 gr of dark chocolate
100ml of cream
1 egg
2 table spoons of icing sugar
2 table spoons of sugar

Melt the chocolate Au-Bain-Marie.
Separate the egg white and the egg yolk. Beat the yolk with 1 table spoon of icing sugar till, the mixture is lighter in colour. Mix this mix with the molten chocolate.
Beat the egg white with 1 table spoon of icing sugar till it’s really stiff. Fold this mixture in with the chocolate mixture. You need to fold it, to keep as much air in as possible.
Beat the cream with 2 tablespoons of sugar, until stiff, than fold under the chocolate mixture.
Divide into individual servings and refrigerate at least 3 hours before serving.

This makes enough for 4 portions.

The new tree pimento chocolate which I used also has flax seeds in it, which adds to the texture.
And so sorry no picture of the result, perhaps that’s proof of how nice it was, gone in a jiffy ;-)