Pick the elderberry flowers, about 1 per 1-2 pancakes. Shake them well.
Make your pancake batter as your are usual.

Now first I tried to add the complete umbels, like this:

Looks nice doesn’t it? The idea is to remove it carefully, the batter has to be dry by this point. It was tricky to get it out starting from the outside, working inwards before the other side of the pancake was burned. Also not all flowers stay behind in the pancake. Very fiddle work and not a lot of flavour.

So I picked all the flowers from the umbels and sprinkled those liberally over the pancake while the batter is still wet.

Turn as usual, eat like that or with an extra topping of ice, cream, suger, …. as I write I think lavender ice would be a great companion to these pancakes.

*** Bon apetit! ***

Note: while picking the flowers of the umbels, keep in mind a lot of pollen will escape covering your clothes in yellow dust.

Note: pick umbels which are in full bloom and dry, preferable after a few days of sun as they will be more fragrant and flavoursome :)