We (my hubby and me) went to Nice for our summer holiday, we would have stayed home, but they predicted more rain, so we booked a train from Antwerp to Nice and a nice place to stay via AirBnB, just for a few days. In the end the weather was great at home and it was really hot in Nice with a lot of mosquito’s :(


BUT there was absolutly yummy ice-cream, good food and the wonderful art of Marc Chagall too. Hurray, not all was lost.

There was more; a sequel to something which happened over 2 years ago, when I bought a bowl at a market in Cotignac, also in France. There was a selection of work by the same artist and I was forever doubting which piece to choose, I loved them all. In my best French I asked for the name of the artist, but either I didn’t understand or they didn’t understand me. Back at home I did some research, google was no help either, I thought it would remain a mystery for ever.

Until I looked through guide books the owner of our airbnb had left to browse. In there saw a ceramic artist and her work, the little I could see in the pics, reminded me of the bowl. I wrote the address down to check it out if we happened to be in the area. On Monday we found the place, it was open and it confirmed my suspicion, it was the same artist:  Veronique Pignatta

2015-08-10 18.48.30


2015-08-10 18.48.17

She was just firing a kiln, so it was quite hot in her tiny adorable shop, but I didn’t notice. I was just so in awe of her work, whimsical and funny, I didn’t know where to look first and then she kept opening drawers, where-ever I looked I saw more and more pieces and my smile grew bigger and bigger. This time I bought more than one piece, but so hard to choose! So was for ever doubting again ;)


She spoke little English and I still no more French, but we talked a bit. She paints too in vibrant colours, the same cute and funny characters as you find on her ceramics. Finding her and seeing more of her work really made my day, my week, my whatever, …. still smiling.


Back home I opened the carefully wrapped parcels, luckily all survived the trip :)

DSCN7113 b

Le Fée Vache will probable get a place in our kitchen.

A hand as a hook, will go to our bathroom, I love the little curl.

The little cup I just liked, and might keep it or give it as a present one day.


The toothpick holder is already in use.

The tiny planter with the face wil most likely get a place in our bathroom too.


You can see more of her work on her facebook.