A flying visit as this was was already our last full day in Lapland.
We had another lovely breakfast, with porridge and hot chocolate and much more

After breakfast it was time to go snow shoeing, I had in mind the  racket for tennis type thingies, but that has changed since than (of course what was I thinking)

So off we went, through the hills with our guide of the day; Lotta.

She explained that the fluffy bits, a kind of lichen, on the trees are called old’s man beard. These only grow where the air is very good. There was a lot of old man’s beard in the trees :)

We came across a coral full of reindeer, but they quickly scattered, so we did not get close look. 
Lotta said never ask a reindeer-herder herder how many reindeers he has, as it is the same as asking how much do you earn or what is in your bankaccount.

Beautiful birch bark, Lotta peeled some off, as kindle, to make a fire later.

Up the hill was though going but so well worth the view.

Time to let our snow shoes rest and have some lunch.

We all had been given a bag with a flask full of lovely warm berry juice and a pie and some sausages each. We heated them up over the fire and tasted just so good.

After lunch it was time to had back down, so much easier and with the sun coming out behind us, we hoped we would be lucky and see the Northern lights later.

Back at the hotel we had another look around the husky yard, 
where this cute little ball off fluff had appeared.

Time for a drink by the fire and another sauna. 
After dinner we went for a walk, the huskies had just returned from a trip a longer way away and were brought back on this truck, each in it’s own washing machine ;)

We had heard there was going to be a wedding on Tuesday. 
The ceremony would be outside by the alter, carved from ice. 

It had starting snowing by than and we sat a bit in the shelter by the lake with the nice fire.
Wouldn’t mind something like this in our garden.
And than we were off on the snow mobiles, we had some practise rounds around on the lake and than off through the woods, over more lakes. It was great. We ended up on the lake were we had been aurora hunting last night. But the snow kept falling, so clouded. again we could see there was a lot going on behind the clouds, were the clouds were thinner. 
Here’s the proof, all of us, me and Robin on the far left, in front of the camera with a shutter time of 15 seconds; it did capture us with the green lights behind the clouds.