When I was at the Verbeke Foundation a few weeks ago I discovered some nice artists and the projects they are working on. I wrote a little about it for the Dutch Handmade website.

Two artists from Romania stood out. Our guide told us these 2 friends had become famous by attracting the attention of museums in a very original way, they just impose themselves wherever they can.

Just outside Antwerp there is a sculpture park, het Middelheim, spring last year they parked themselves just outside the fence, looking in.

If you look well, you’ll see these are sculptures. The museum curators noticed too and liked them so much they let them into the sculpture park, mission accomplished. It got the attention of the Verbeke Foundation and they let them in. They have been adding their name wherever they can. Like to this work by Jan Fabre, a collection of head stones and a list of names. Orlan on the list correspondents to the headstone in the picture. 

Have a look at the 2 names at the bottom of the list ;-)
For the certified copy exhibition they made copies of famous schulptures in the same way as the sculpture of themselves outside het Middelheim. They take endless pictures of the sculpture or themselves and stick these toghether agian in the same shape as the original.
Want to discover more about these to guys go here or here.