My story bowls come in nice paper boxes which are lined with felt. I get them through the company STRAID – straight aid – from the Netherlands who have these custom made for me in Nepal. Today I got the sad news that Hari,  the owner of the felting company died at 38, way to young and leaving behind his wife and 3 kids. Ten families were depending on Hari’s company for their income as well. Now STRAID wants to help to keep the company and the families going.

Therefore STRAID now offers a set of 5 gift cards (made by the company who makes my paper boxes) with envelopes and a wind chime in paper for only 9,85 euro of which at least 4 euro’s will go to Hari’s company. You can buy them via this link if you live in the Netherlands add code HARI10 on check out and the special offer price will be calculated. Best contact Marcel at STRAID if you live outside the Netherlands.

So you might think why not sell some felt products from Hari’s company as a special offer instead of cards, simple because not enough were left in stock.

Give a friend a little help :-) Thanks!