Tupperware is famous for it’s parties and it’s a tested concept, so why not adopt it to sell your hand-made work. If the person whom organises the party likes your work, big change her/his friends will like it too. Having someone else talk about your work with you is the best word-of-mouth promotion you can get, and here it’s happens right on the spot. They don’t have to remember about it and look up a shop or website later, they can see the goods their friend is raving about here and now.

So I set about organising my first home party last week, together with my yoga teacher, Martine van Bulck. The party took place in the room where she normally gives her yoga classes. But it turned out to be a great location to display jewellery and ceramics too. 



We slightly adopted the home-party idea in this case as anyone was welcome, not just by invitation. So a bit of an open house at the same time. I invited al my contacts, she invited hers and we put a note by the street to welcome in passers-by. It was a success and we are already thinking of organising another party in the autumn.

Do you want to organise a Two Trees home party, please contact me. The party can be open as the one described above or by your invitation only.  As the organising host you will receive a certificate to say that 2 trees for the orang-outangs in Sumatra have been planted in your name, besides other benefits. Look forward to hearing from you.