You find the original blogpost here. A big thanks to Sandra for writing this wonderful post and I’m happy to share and spread the word. I went there last Tuesday too to fill up my shelf-space, Sandra had been there before me and her work looks tempting as ever, not to mention the work of others slowly pooring in. It will be well worth a visit, ideal to get a Valentine’s gift or any other :) and there will be free beer, Belgium beer!

The Lolly pop-up store in Antwerpen !

Last Tuesday I went to Antwerpen to fill the shelfs I have rented at the Lolly Pop-up store.  .
A cute little shop right in the center of Antwerpen.  Not all shelves were filled yet, but
by tomorrow, all will be in as it is Grand Opening for the press and
for the public on Saturday.
A shop filled with original handmade items. Most of the participants do have an etsy-shop too.
A big ‘thank you’ to An and Heidi for making this possible !
You can read all about this shop coming to life on
their FB page.
Hope you will share this message and get us the all the publicity we can get to make this into a big succes !
Have a look inside with me
How to get there : click here