Hi there, did you have a great weekend too? I hope so. I enjoyed a great day at the fair Marché Bricolé in Bruges, Belgium. It was real busy and the weather was just lovely, I had a spot with the sun on my back, hhmmmm. And just across from me a nice coffee and tea stall, lucky for me they had GingerLove too.
Beside me Greet from Fleurfatale had a stall, we could hardly chat as it was so busy all day. We’ll just have to catch up later. I have joined her and Mitsy from Artmind to write a regular “With love from Belgium” post on the Dutch Handmade blog. You can read my first post there tomorrow.
My new ear studs went flying out the door, as did my rings and necklaces, especially the roses. Also got a visit from clients who had bought before and came to tell how many compliments they had received already. 
It is so nice to make people happy and receive compliments.
The sun did not only bring out a lot of people but I saw lots of ladybugs too. A little girl pointed one out to her dad, it was sitting in the street in from of my stall. Her dad picked it up and set it down in a safer place, so cute :-)
One ladybug came to visit me and found my cat and mouse brooch real interesting :-)