Last Saturday I went to Bruges, the weather forecast looked bad, so with fingers crossed I hit the road and arrived in a dry Bruges.

When I arrived I spotted Sandra form Zsazaszu straightaway and luckily she had kept a boot for me besides hers, so we could chat all day :-) When we not busy with clients that is and lots turned up as the weather stayed dry and the other happening in the park, a concert, pick-nick and more drew in a good crowd.

My boot in the picture below, to be safe I covered it with plastic which was nearly not needed. Kept thinking if I had not done it, it would have rained more. Just like when the one time you don’t bring your umbrella, it rains.
Sandra crochet jewelery is really fine and now I know why, she wears two glasses when she is crocheting
Since Saturday I can say I’m the proud owner of just such a fine piece of jewelery.
A necklace with 2 crochet sections set in lovely green semi precious stone beads. I love the way there are so may colors of green in the crochet parts. It will go with much of my cloths, so I know I’ wear it a lot.

She wraps her jewelery real nice, a real gift :-)

Sandra wrote a blog about the fair too, with many more impressions and a link to a nice video, so head over here to read and view it.