The week is nearly over, so time for my happy stats. It’s been a very full week with lots of preparation for Crafty gardens in Eindhoven and a trip to Rotterdam. The fair was nice, great selection of different crafters and lots of booths. There was a good crowd of people and lots of interest. But than the wind wanted to be part of it all too. A little sand storm was the result, a few drops of rain joined in and this was unfortunately too much for most visitors. Could have been worse, we later heard that in an other part of Eindhoven it had been lashing down. So here for the happy stats:

  • Enjoyed the good weather while creating lots for the fair.
  • Had a positively inspiring day at TEDx in Rotterdam (will blog about this later)
  • Had a loverly day at Crafty Gardens, even if the weather was not cooperating
  • Eat lots of chocolate
  • Had a great evening with fellow crafters preparing our yearly trip to France