What can you do with one square meter? That’s what the title means, 1 m² in Dutch and it a new concept for a different way of bringing arts and crafts to a larger public.

Mitsy from Artmind and I co-organise this event. We had talked about organising something together well over a year ago and let it simmer for a while, until Mitsy came back with this concept. We refined it and are now looking to fill the wonderful space we found with all sorts of people who have a passion for arts and crafts in the broadest sense. 

So what can one do with just 1m², therein lies the challenge to be as creative as possible with this minimal space. We hope to find people who will sell there work, but not only those. We do hope even more to find people who want first of all to demonstrate their passion in a different way from just another booth at a fair. We love to meet musicians, artists, writers, cooks, backers, gardeners, masseurs, fruit growers, juice makers, beer brewers,  crafters, in short people who work with their hands, with passion and possess a skill which is unique to them. Most of all we are keeping it small to give everybody a change. Not everyone, especially when you’re just starting out, can fill the usual stands of several meters. So a challenge for established artists to work with just 1m² and the freedom for newbies; not be scared by the size ;-) 
Has this inspired you please contact us at eenvierkantemeter{@}gmail.com or follow us on facebook, twitter or read our blog.
Last but not least, it takes place in Hasselt, Belgium on the 22nd of April 2012 from 10am to 5pm. Hope to meet you there either as a participant or as a visitor!