Thanks to a custom request a new addition to the collection: sugar bowls in the shape of tree stumps. They still in the making, drying now so they still need to be fired twice and we’ll see how they make it through, porcelain being rather fickle at times, having a mind of it’s own and changing shape. But I have faith the lids will still fit afterwards.

A couple of owls and a climbing rose:

DSCN5654 DSCN5655 DSCN5657 DSCN5659

A rabbit and 2 mice:

DSCN5663 DSCN5661 DSCN5666

Last but not least, the cliff hanging sheep, turns out she’s not alone. The jar will be a lovely dark chocolate brown when fired:

DSCN5671 DSCN5670 DSCN5677