The chair project is evolving a bit further, I made more elements in clay and porcelain. The carrots (see previous post) would need leafs too, tricky to make. I solved it by gathering plumes from reed and drying these. Once dried I dipped these in liquid porcelain, the type which is used for casting, and fired them only once, at 1280°C. Normally you would fire porcelain twice, but after the bisque firing at 950°c these would be too fragile too handle as the supporting reed has burned away and the porcelain has not reached it’s full strength.

Some mice have appeared and some birds too. One would expect the part above the ground to be clear, white, happy, normal and the part below dark, gloomy, crooked, … But I chose for these to be mixed. White porcelain with the crooked figures of the rabbit and mice and the dark figures of the birds, mole and earthworm look fairly normal.