I’m so happy I could do a little dance!

Finally people who go to my website, will see something more than a place holder and under construction message. Since I moved to the Netherlands, 2 year snow, it was like that. I’d thought I would have time to create it, but after 2 years I concluded I didn’t .

Also webdesign has moved on beyond my knowledge and so I asked Yvonne from Studio Groenling to create it for me. Hanna from Hunters Kitchens helped me out with the texts.

This is the result. And I’m over the moon with it :)

As you see  moved my blog here too. I still have to go through my old bog post, check if there still relevant or can be deleted. All posts written before July 2014 will still available here.  More importantly I got a pile of blog posts lined up so stay tuned :)