Today I had a lazy morning with an early visit to the dentist, just the half-yearly check and luckily all was fine. Than a visit to my parents and popped into my sisters house just for a minute too. I saw them all last Sunday when my sisters baby girl was baptized, so no mayor news to exchange. No news is good news as they say. I gave my brother a hand installing some software and looked at some gold-smithing tools with my sister, she is the real gold smith in the family :-)
Meanwhile the kiln at home was cooling, it had been on since yesterday evening, but firing till 1220°C and cooling takes it’s time. You don’t want to open the kiln to early and give the pieces a temperature shock. By the time I got back it was getting cool enough to open. I had a peep and saw that the red clay had turned a really nice color, remember the garden ornaments from this post, well here they are after the final firing:

As you can see I fill the small places in the oven with small items, so I’ll have lots of rings and brooches to make this afternoon, I made roses, hearts, more jewelry inspired by the folklore form Zeeland, little animals, and little blue twitter birds. The last I’ll make into little hangers which I’ll give as a present with a sale.