On the 6th of June I’ll probable be the only Dutch speaking Etsian who will not attend the Etsy meeting in Amsterdam; I got a fair lined up in Eindhoven, also in the Netherlands. Feeling a bit lonely already ;-)
Anyway I got a BIG stall to fill, it is 4 meters wide, so far I only had stalls 2 meters wide:

I’d have made this sketch for the stall set up, large frame with necklaces in the middle, ornaments on stick on either side, gift box bowls to the right and other sculptures and bowls to the left:

I’m working on some garden inspired objects, since 1.the fair is held in a garden and 2. there is plenty of room to display. What do you think of this ornament, here it’s only bisque fired so the color will go darker when it will be fired for a second time to a higher temperature. You can put feeding for birds in there or a small plant. Put them in your garden or in a potted plant on your balcony. If you put the half bowl upside down and fill it with some “wood wool” you’ll have a perfect housing for ladybirds or earwigs, both love eating louse.

Besides these I’ll have my red devils and sculptures of rabbits for the garden.