Being a big fan of rings, usually big rings too, it had to happen; I found nice adjustable rings blacks and started making rings in porcelain and clay. Now I had to find a good way to display these on a fair. I know you can buy displays or just stick them in a piece of foam rubber, but that’s not so nice. This idea struck me when I was just back from the DIY store, so had to go back again……cause I wanted to use the tubes that are meant for the insulation of water pipes. 

So get some of those tubes, I got the smallest size, get some fabric and a frame, IKEA is great for this. Get enough tubes to fill the frame.
Take the frame apart, you only need the actual frame.
Cut the pipes to length, just a few millimeters longer than the opening of the back of the frame. And open each of them. Cut the fabric, so there is enough to go around the tube and than add about 3-4 cm (1,5 inches) to that. 
This way you have enough fabric to go back into the tube.
Do this for all tubes and fill the frame. 
Turn it around and fill with rings and your display is ready.