Butter dishes inspired by the landscape of my youth. I grew up in Wemeldinge, were you find 1 of many hill mounds – vliedberg – of  Zeeland.  Vliedberg, literary means rising water mound. They are men made and date back to the 12th-14th century. It was initially thought that people would flock there in case of flooding, hence the name. More recently studies show that there were small castles (motte-and-bailey castle) on top of these mounds.

vliedberg wemeldinge

The one in Wemeldinge has a tree on top, which is not usual, but to me it is. So my butter dishes have a tree on it too. The saucer under the mound, is glazed in water green blue. They hold enough butter for 1 meal, so you can leave the rest in the fridge, so it won’t go stale. After use just put them in the dishwasher.