Here I follow in the footsteps of some of the bloggers I follow, Artmind, Huismus and I’m sure there are others too, by looking back at this week and noting my happy moments. Something which also is advised by Cynthia Morris, a creative coach, I met her last year (or is it 2 already ?) on a creativity day near Antwerp. I had a great chat with her and found her stories and talk very inspiring. In her last newsletter she writes: “… celebration is vital to the creative process, and people often overlook or even avoid this step. Why would anyone avoid celebrating? It isn’t just fun; it’s empowering.” So I will from now on look back at the end of each week, celebrate my happy moments and share these with you. 

  • Nice walk in the orchard with my family, enjoying the last sweet apple blossom.
  • Found another shop who will sell my bowls (and maybe later jewelry too :-) MIX-Art
  • Working on new design for ceramic ornament and lights in the garden.
  • Found and bought a great but small antique cupboard.
  • Planned a day to do a pit-fire with fellow-ceramists.
  • Got some fresh eggs from this lovely lady: