Today was the big day, the award: the winner of the “gouden meeuw” golden gull would be announced on the largest book-fair of Flanders in Antwerp. It was really busy and we spend ages looking for parking, but arrived at the award ceremony just in time.

The jury members Heidi Lenaerts and Rudi Vanschoonbeeck read some abstracts form the books which had entered the competion for best book published under own management and organised by “Creatief Schrijven” (creative writing). Karolien van Ransbeeck completed the presentation with some beautiful unplugged songs.

It was publisher Rudi Vanschoonbeeck who announced the winner: Bart Vermeer with his poetry album Medea-Brutus.

Here Bart Vermeer just received the award and shows it to the public:
And here a picture of Bart with the award (safely in it’s box) and myself with the award winning book:
Bart was so good to let me keep that copy of the book :-) 
I hope he is really happy with this very special story bowl I made.
Many thanks to Bart for the book and 
many thanks to the organisation Creatief Schrijven to commision me to make the award!
If you want to read about the making of the golden gull, go here.