Since I wrote part 1, back in 2010, I have moved back to my roots. Well nearly, I’m back in the same county but on a different island.

Ossenisse is the lovely village were I now live. You find it on the coast of the Westerschelde in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. It’s an island in the sense that it is surrounded by Belgium and water. If I had a boat I could easily go see my parents, cross the Westerschelde and through the channel to Wemeldinge. But since the ferry was replaced by tunnel I have to go the long way around until I get a boat. (Which I don’t plan to get in case you were wondering.)

Anyway back to the “paeremes” or “knife with horses”. I kept on making knives inspired by these, but most ended in the bin, here’s one worth sharing though:

I made a sheath in leather with felt lining to finish it.

Since I perfected the hilt making I’m now happy to take custom orders for a knife made to your specifications. The blade is ceramic, factory made and will stay sharp. These knifes are dishwasher proof.