Not every Friday but some Fridays I will share some remarkable finds with you. 
Today that is TASART, tas is Ducth for bag, so art bags.
I met Yvette Wiers, the woman behind TASART on a fair in Hasselt. She had a booth beside mine and we could talk very little as it was so busy, but her bags facinated me. 
She makes them from old leather motorbike jackets and coats and combines them with 
the strangest of other items: parts from bicycles, telephones, skates, old keys, ……

It’s a great way to recycle, I might just dig out my old leather bikers pants to get a custom bag from her ;-)
(yep, in another era I used to be a biker and owned one too, cruising around Ireland :-)

You find all info on the bags, Yvette and her work on