Last week I won the EST challenge set by Anastasia from L’Acccent Nou, so now I’m hosting the new challenge and I choose ‘heritage’ as the theme. Here the entries, new ones will be added regularly, from which a winner will be chosen Monday 20th of Sept at 20h Belgium time.

Turquoise and Copper earrings by Alatvian ,
who’s taken her inspiration from mother Earth’s rich heritage

Basket from Scheveningen – Holland by P8Accessories ,
who’s taken her inspiration from her mother’s hometown

La Dame Espagnola – necklace by Star of the East,
who has taken her inspiration from her Spanish roots
Well, it’s 20th of September past 20h and these are all the entries, lovely ones, but few. Was it too difficult, was my description of the theme too vague, was everyone too busy, was it a boring theme, ….. I don’t know.
Anyway I liked all the entries and I would have been forever doubting about whom to choose, so ask my hubby to pick a number 1, 2 or 3. He picked  number 3, so Star of the East is the lucky winner. Hurray!